The opportunity to discover the endless possibilities of technology should be equal to everybody. Regardless of your background you should be able to find out what technology could mean for you. If you want to use it to conquer the world with a company, build solutions to solve the biggest problems in the world, express you creativity, communicate or anything else you can dream of. To make sure everybody gets that opportunity we are distributing The New Girl Code for free to girls who don’t have access to books. We are proud to partner with the below organisations to reach those girls.

Want to contribute and allow us to reach even more girls? Please reach out to us. Do you have an organisation that works with girls in the age 9-15 and you would like to work with us? Please send us an e-mail at


Alexa Cafe

Inspired by iD Tech co-founder Alexa Ingram-Cauchi, our all-girls program blends tech, entrepreneurship, and social impact in a fresh, café-like setting. Big ideas come to life amidst moon chairs and stylish decor. Whether you want to code an app for charity, design a mobile game, or discover AI, you'll collaborate with new friends and create a project you're passionate about.


Grrrrl Camp

Grrrrl Camp is unique in that it creates the opportunity for girls of different backgrounds to come together through a cross-subsidization model. The fee for attendance from each girl from a private school will allow for a girl from the Cape.


Every year, FrontierHacks aims to support the community by partnering with a local, prominent nonprofit. This year, FrontierHacks is proud to partner with SMYLE, a nonprofit organization devoted to giving back to student communities. Our hackathon is not only for students to gain coding expertise but also to receive an opportunity to give back to their own communities. Our mission is to serve the underprivileged of the community, by providing a location to learn and hack for everyone, regardless of gender or wealth. In the hackathon, programmers will collaborate with others to build innovative projects that help their community.


Every year, Technovation invites teams of girls from all over the world to learn and apply the skills needed to solve real-world problems through technology.


OrionHacks is a 24 hour hackathon, comprised of hundreds of high school students all around the Bay Area to build projects that solve issues through code. Atendees will create amazing projects that are impactful for this world. OrionHacks provides attendees with free food, drinks, workshops, and prizes all for FREE, so there is no need to bring any money because we got you covered.


CodeDay is a worldwide event where student programmers, artists, musicians, actors, and everyone else can get together and build apps & games for 24 hours. Students of all skill levels are welcome — we have workshops and mentors who can help if you're new!


Although notable strides have been made in the field of gender equality in South Africa, girls remain at a disadvantage when it comes to taking up studies and professions in science, technology, mathematics and engineering. Through a combination of opportunity and legacy, too few girls are engaged in these sectors. To address this deficit, UNICEF, in partnership with the national Department of Education, established the TechnoGirl mentorship programme in 2005. This initiative identifies high school girls between the ages of 15 and 18 who are from disadvantaged communities (rural and urban), and who are doing well academically.

Play Africa

Play Africa is a South African non-profit company and social enterprise dedicated to creating child-centred spaces that spark creativity and learning through hands-on, experiential activities. We serve children from birth to age 10, their families and schools, igniting curiosity through groundbreaking programmes in Early Childhood Development (ECD) and foundation phase education.



Girlhype a non-profit that aims to empower girls and youth in the ICT sector in South Africa. We aim to provide fun, hands-on opportunities for girls and women to get engaged with technology. We organise free after-school clubs for 6th-12th-grade girls to explore coding in a fun and friendly environment.

Global citizen South Africa

Global Citizens' actions are helping to end extreme poverty by 2030 as part of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Global Citizen works across the 17 Global Goals including Food and Nutrition, Water and Sanitation, Girls and Women, the Environment, Health and Finance and Innovation.


Stemettes is an award-winning social enterprise working across the UK & Ireland and beyond to inspire and support young women into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths careers (known collectively as STEM).

The University of Cape Town

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is South Africa's oldest university, and is one of Africa's leading teaching and research institutions.