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This is the kind of girl power every little one deserves to believe is not just possible, but normal.
Summer reading list for K-6 Girls 2019

Books about or for girls who code can be difficult to come by, but here are ten books featuring girls who code that might inspire the coding phenom in your life. The New Girl Code, told through diary entries, illustrations, and lists, is the perfect book for teen girls who code!


Best STEM toys for girls!

Girls are amazing humans and, if you ever doubt that, these reads will pick you right up. They'll make you feel like you can do anything—because you really can. In these pages you'll find real-world tips on how to follow your heart, enjoy your journey and never stop believing in yourself as you chase your dreams.

I love a sweet, strong story about friendship, bullies (overcoming them of course), love and success. But what really surprised me is that this story is about one Brooklyn, NY, girl's fascination and talent with all things STEM. I hope The New Girl Code by Niki Smit encourages more girls to go the route of the book's main character, Charlie.

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If, like me, you’re always on the lookout for anything that opens up the world of STEM related professions to girls, then you’re probably assuming from the title that this one’s a home run. And you would be 100% correct in that assumption. It’s filled with role models young women can relate to and bring the possibilities of tech to life and my second grade daughter just loved it.

The New Girl Code had the perfect balance of intriguing story (will Charlie’s fashion app make it big?) without delving too deeply into teenage themes that might not be appropriate for tweens.

My daughter talked about the book a lot with me and I could see her really identifying parts of herself in the characters. Highly Recommend!

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Glitter Guide 7 books to read.

The New Girl Code is an engaging and empowering read for girls everywhere, sure to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs and women in tech. If you have a tween or teen girl in your life, you’ll want to buy it for her.

This book should be on every young girl's nightstand. Read the full article here.

Overall, this book is amazing and if you have kids encourage them to read this book. It is essential in such a time that we live in.

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The New Girl Code is a necessary step towards changing the perceptions of the landscape of tech for many young girls in South Africa, thereby granting access to greater opportunities in STEM. Read the full oped here.

An international book has been given some Mzansi flavour to inspire SA's young girls to dream big and occupy the tech space.

‘If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for teen girls I recommend you pick up a copy of the book The New Girl Code.’

‘It is going to inspire your young girl to get interested in entrepreneurship, interested in coding, interested in the possibilities of STEM subjects and what they could unlock.’ 

‘Buhle, you absolutely nailed it in making it feel like a South African book.’

Listen to the inspiring conversation on The Pippa Hudson Show

‘If you have a girl of the tween/teen variety then this new book on the block is an absolute must read.’

‘We need to get this book and put it into all our libraries. Get this book into the hands of girls world wide, and specifically South African girls, because they totally can do this.’

‘This book tackles the problems that girls, that are interested in STEM careers, face head on.’

‘Hood 3 (age 17) read it in a flash… saying I can’t believe I can do all this!!! Hood 6 (age 12) loves the artiness of it all and has been asking all sorts of questions about coding and app creation, which she had never even thought about before. Hood 7 (age 10) has read her way through the first half of the book and has paused her reading to invent her own crafty app… so inspired they are!!!’

‘As a scientist myself, and a founding member of SAWISE (South African Women in Science and Engineering) I completely endorse this book.’ 

‘This book is enabling, regular kids are doing extraordinary things, one step at a time. We need more books like these, saying that girls not only can do anything they like, but they can do it exceptionally well.’

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I am so excited! I have shown the book to everybody I know. The eye-catching cover, the wonderful writing of Buhle Ngaba and the inspirational stories which lay inside about learning to code. The journey of Tumi and her friends in technology are really great. The book is amazing.

Baratang Miya - Girlhype

The New Girl Code provides a new key entry-point of interest for many generations of young women to enter into the computing, computer science, IT and technology fields. Through The New Girl Code, I believe there will be an amazing stream of young women to enter into technology in a fun, interactive and hands on way. Thank you for making the investment into the education of young South African Women, and to young women all around the world, for they are the future and the keys to global development lie with them.

Thoko Miya - Girlhype

I thoroughly enjoyed localising the book and I believe it has the potential to shift conversations on tech for the better amongst young girls in South Africa. “What I particularly appreciated about the process was the opportunity to create a landscape rooted in SA, with representational characters and where a young girl could be the protagonist in a narrative about coding. I hope that the character and story will inspire many young people to no longer view coding as a boring thing to do but as an invaluable and fun skill that has the potential to change your life."

Buhle Ngabe - Editor the New Girl Code South Africa